Product Launch Events Management

Watching a commercial on television announcing the launch of a new product like the introduction of a new gaming console or a new soft drink introduced by a branded company creates a need in the minds of the viewers to try the product. How is this want or need created? The answer is simple, by an effective launch of the product or brand.

Launch of any product need not be only in the form of advertisements. They can be introduced to the commercial world through small or big launch parties or conferences or press meets.

We are continually developing innovative technological solutions to create exciting communication outcomes. We have been lucky enough to be involved with many leading brands looking to change the paradigm and push the boundaries of their product launch. They want to reach a global audience, amplify their message through social media all while reducing costs. Technology is providing the answer to these challenges, allowing brands to broadcast to multiple locations, expanding audience interaction, creating interest through social media and above all, allowing the experience to live on long after the event has finished.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Staging Connections knows how to manage your requirements to keep the focus firmly on your message and launch your product with impact.

Our services include:

  •  Event planning for optimal use of space in any venue
  •  Audio and vision for reveal and presentations
  •  Virtual room styling with lights, projections and digital wallpaper
  •  Multimedia and screen content including 3D Projection Mapping
  •  Innovative set design and lighting systems
  •  Themed and styled event environments to align with your brand
  •  Live webcasting and video conferencing
  •  Social media integration