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About Us

Next Resolution Films is a high-end Animation and VFX Studio. We make life realistic stories come to life for TVC, Broadcast and Films..


You win. We win.

Plain and simple. Whether you’re trying to get teenagers to wear seatbelts, convince your customers to try your new breakfast menu or sell a multi-million dollar piece of equipment, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you succeed. How do we do it? With a strategic mix of anything from traditional and digital, creative to public relations and brand planning.

Our creative ideas are backed by our strategic thinking. Sure, we could shift paradigms with outside the box thinking and a synergistic approach but what does any of that actually have to do with your bottom line? Nothing.

More About Us

Since 2012, Next Resolution Films has been a integrated marketing communication agency with successful clients we call ‘partners’.

Next Resolution Films have been working in VFX industry. We produce 3D Animation, Motion Graphic and Visual Effect for Films and Music video, corporate partners, TV commercial

We’re successful because our partners are successful.


Nafees Bin Zafar

Nafees Bin Zafar develop techniques and software for the visual effects industry. He originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh, but he usually call Los Angeles "home".

He is the Director of Research and Development at Oriental DreamWorks in Shanghai. He have worked on many films over the last 13 years such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, 2012, and Kung Fu Panda 3. In 2008 he won an Academy Award for my work on pioneering digital fluid effects now used throughout the visual effects industry. In 2015 He received an Academy Award for the development of the Drop large-scale destruction simulation system.

He believe in sharing research, and building strong ties between academia and industry. He have served on juries for SIGGRAPH, and have been a Program Chair for the Digital Production Symposium. He have also served as a member of the Digital Imaging Technology Subcommittee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which investigates groundbreaking technical contributions to the film industry for Academy Awards.

Chairman,Next Resolution Films

Chroma key

“chroma keying, is a visual effects / post-production technique for compositing two images or video streams together based on color hues.”

Nadim Mir,Animator, Next Resolution Films Ltd.


John Kay

“VFX Artist”

John Kay,Head of VFX, Next Resolution Films Ltd

Our Team


Nadim Mir

Managing Director & CEO

Nadim Mir develop techniques and software for the visual effects industry.


Mark Tassoni


He received Film & Television degree from Limkokwing University, Malaysia.

Next Resolution Films

Arif Ahmed


Associate professor at Daffodil International University. He is the boss of animation in bangladesh.

Next Resolution Films

Rasel Ahmed


Rasel Ahmed is an 2D animator and assistant director in Next Resolution Films.


Sabila Onnona

Marketing Director

She is the best at Marketing


Masud Parvez Sagor

General Manager

Masud Parvez Sagor is General Manager of Next Resolution Films. He received Master degree from Joggonnath University, Bangladesh.

Our Sisters

Our Services

Pre-production ■ Brain Storming Ideas ■ Script Writing ■ Conceptual Art ■ Storyboarding ■ Animatic Development ■ 3D Pre-visualization Production ■ 3D Modeling ■ 3D Texturing/Shading ■ 3D Lighting ■ Character Rigging ■ 3D Animation ■ 2D Animation ■ Motion Graphics ■ Effects and Simulation ■ Compositing Post-production ■ Editing ■ Color Grading:

What We Can Offer


3D Animation

3D Modeling

3D Character Rigging and animation

3D Character animation

Visual Effect (VFX)

Visual Effect (VFX)

Music Video


TV Commercial

Below the Line Communications

3D simulation

Water simulation

Fire simulation

Dynamic body

Dynamic animation

Media Management

Motion Graphics

Whiteboard animation

Explainer Video

Presentation video

Storyboard animation

Digital Marketing

Motion capture

Motion Capture Solutions

Motion Capture tracking

Public Relations

Film Making

Our Partners

We’re successful because our partners are successful.

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Visual Effect(vfx)
Explainer Video
3D simulation
Music Video
TV Commercial
  • Visual Effect(vfx)
  • Explainer Video
  • 3D simulation
  • Music Video
  • TV Commercial

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